Lumia Light Show

Turning Light Into Art Enchanting the Forest

At night the world around Brae Cabin disappears. The woods fade into darkness. Sounds replace what eyes can not see. A coyote call, wind in the woods, deer rustling.

The Enchanted Forest looks towards Brae Cabin and sees bright white lights and disruption.

Inside Brae Cabin the evening is ticking towards night. A satisfied calm descends on the inhabitants. The garish white of bright lights turns to a soft red glow. The red glow brings a smile to the forest. The inhabitants move outside to join with the Enchanted Forest..

The Enchanted Forest taps the lumia conductor’s baton to awaken the orchestra of light and sound. Slowly points of light appear throughout the realm of the forest. A thousand points of light reach out transforming the night. The color touches a leaf, a blade of grass, a rock formation a tree trunk and other forest flora. Music adds to the dance of lights. Thank you Museum of Coastal Carolina Ingram Planetarium for your wonderful playlists!

The Enchanted Forest has transformed the night and shared the show.