Nature provides a new Wardrobe each season.

Winter – The views extend for miles. The river is close enough to touch. The moon finds the river and sparkles at night. The rock formations extend their majesty. The trails are cool and crisp. Night comes early and the stars flood the sky. The rock formations above the cabin are majestic. The long nights are warm and cozy. The fireplace light dances.

Spring – The earth warms and plants go crazy with growth. The trees become full. Green is a more that a color. In spring, it is a feeling. A faint but rich loamy smell of the earth emerges. Trails are different each minute. Daylight returns and the hills come alive.

Summer – Each day is filled with hours of sunlight for exploration. There are too many choices. Cummins Falls State Park, Burgess Falls State Park, Trails above Brae Cabin, festivals, kayaking, or reading a book

Fall – The painting of the forest erupts with flying leaves, and an easel of colors. New bright reds and oranges and other subtle tones emerge